Softball Rotating Line-up

This is our newer lineup that some teams have trouble grasping, but others have been (illegally) using for several seasons    
Teams may only use this lineup if they have a minimum of 9 men/nonbinary and 4 women - teams may not use this lineup with less than 4 women
What this lineup does is allows all of the men to bat without having to share a spot in the batting order      
Teams will create a lineup for men/nonbinary, a separate lineup for women, and insert the women after every 2nd man/nonbinary batter
The order for the men/nonbinary must stay the same, but the order for the women will rotate - hence the name rotating lineup  
Let's say a team has 9 men/nonbinary and 4 women                
This lineup requires the team using it to pay a bit more attention than they normally may, but it's easy to do as long as one player is tracking it
If you identify as nonbinary/genderqueer/prefer not to answer we ask that you please bat in any spot deemed ‘player’ and leave the spots   
deemed for ‘women’ for the players whose gender identity is female/woman. Please know that we are striving to create an inclusive  
environment and recognize that this is not perfect.  We promise to continue to investigate better ways to communicate and offer the best
league possible for everyone. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them so please email    
Man/Non-Binary batting order Woman batting order   Inning 1   Inning 2   Inning 3   Inning 4
Player 1 Woman 1   Player 1   Player 7   Player 4   Player 8
Player 2 Woman 2   Player 2   Player 8   Player 5   Player 9
Player 3 Woman 3   Woman 1   Woman 4   Woman 3   Woman 1
Player 4 Woman 4   Player 3   Player 9   Player 6   Player 1
Player 5     Player 4   Player 1   Player 7   Player 2
Player 6     Woman 2   Woman 1   Woman 4   Woman 2
Player 7     Player 5   Player 2       Player 3
Player 8     Player 6   Player 3       Player 4
Player 9     Woman 3   Woman 2       Woman 3



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