3v3 Basketball Tournament

3v3 Basketball Tournament

Every year we host a 3v3 Basketball Tournament. Teams are guarenteed 4 refereed games (20 minutes long), a t-shirt and a prize for the champions! Teams may roster up to 4 players. In 2019, we took to the rooftop court downtown and had a blast! 


All basketball events have been postponed due to Covid-19. Stay tuned for when we can hoop again!


3v3 Basketball Tournament Rules





  • All participants must agree to the waiver of liability. 
  • The waiver can be accepted on each participant player’s dashboard. 
  • All participants in the league assume the risk of injury.  The PSL, its volunteers, and employees shall not be liable for injury to person, loss or damage to personal property arising from or in any way resulting from participation in the league.


  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  • Any behavior that is deemed violent, harassing, and/or inappropriate in any way, as witnessed by the umpire, referee, or PUMP/PSL staff, will result in the actions outlined in our Sportsmanship Policy.
  • A player who is ejected from a game must leave the premises immediately.  Play will not resume until the ejected player has left.
  • Officials reserve the right to end a game at any point if the overall sportsmanship is out of line.
  • Captains are to be the team liaison to discuss any call or rule with an official during game play.




  • Each team must submit a roster with up to 5 players.  
  • No player may register for more than 1 team within the tournament.
  • Rosters must be submitted and a waiver form must be signed before the start of the tournament.
  • No player who is not on your roster and signed a waiver form may play.


  • A team consists of 3 players.
  • A team can start play with 2 players.
  • Players must wear their Tournament PSL shirt.
  • There are no gender requirements for play.




  • Game will start at its scheduled time.
  • If a team does not have enough players to start the game by 2 minutes after the scheduled start time, they will forfeit.


  • The game is a single period of 20 minutes.
  • Time will run continuously except in the following cases:
    • Team time-outs (one per team, per game)
    • Injuries
    • Official time-outs




  • The game is played on a half-court, with one basket.
  • A jump ball is not used to start the game. Instead, a coin toss is held immediately before the game. The winning team can choose to take possession of the ball at the start of the game, or take the first possession of a potential overtime period.
  • There are no jump balls at any time in the game; neither is there an alternating possession rule. In any held ball situation, the defensive team is granted possession.
  • Every successful shot inside the arc is awarded one point, while every successful shot behind the arc is awarded two points.
  • The game is a single period of 20 minutes. The winner is the team with the highest score at the end of the 20 minutes. A tie in regulation leads to an untimed overtime period, which is won by the first team to score two points in overtime.
  • Game play starts with the defensive team exchanging the ball with the offensive team behind the arc. This exchange is also used to restart the game from any dead ball situation. If a foul is committed that results in the non-fouling team retaining possession — i.e., a technical or "unsportsmanlike" foul (the latter essentially the same as the "flagrant foul" of North American rule sets) — the non-fouling team will receive the exchange.
  • If the defense gains possession of the ball within the arc, by a steal, a block or a rebound, the team must move the ball behind the arc before being allowed to take a shot.
  • After a made goal or free throw (except for technical or unsportsmanlike fouls and team fouls 10 or more), play restarts with a player from the non-scoring team taking the ball directly under the basket and then dribbling or passing it to a point behind the arc. The defense is not allowed to play for the ball inside the block/charge semi-circle under the basket.
  • The only common feature between the substitution procedure in full-court and 3x3 is that it can occur only in a dead ball situation. In 3x3, a substitute can only enter from behind the end line opposite the basket, and the substitution becomes official once the player leaving the game has made physical contact with the substitute. Unlike the full-court game, no action from referees or table officials is required.
  • Individual personal foul counts are not kept. In other words, players cannot be disqualified on the basis of personal fouls. However, a player who commits two unsportsmanlike fouls is disqualified.
  • Fouls during the act of shooting inside the arc are awarded 1 free throw, whilst fouls during the act of shooting behind the arc are awarded 2 free throws. However, team fouls 7, 8 and 9 are awarded two free throws, whilst team fouls 10 or more are awarded two free throws and possession of the ball.
  • Technical fouls (including unsportsmanlike fouls) result in two free throws plus possession of the ball.
  • Any player who receives 2 technical fouls will be ejected from the game and subject to a 1-game suspension.
  • No dunking allowed.
  • Hanging on the rim or nets will result in a technical foul.
  • There is no mercy rule.
  • A forfeited game will result in a score of 21-0.



  • PSL 3v3 game ball will be provided.



This is a double elimination tournament with prizes being awarded to the 1st and 5th place teams!


    Game 1            
    Court A: 5:00 PM          
      Game 6        
      Court A: 6:00 PM        
    Game 2          
    Court B: 5:00 PM          
          Court A: 7:15 PM    
    Game 3          
    Court A: 5:30 PM          
      Game 7        
      Court B: 6:30 PM        
    Game 4          
    Court B: 5:30 PM          
    Game 8: Loser Game 1 vs Loser Game 2          
    Court A: 6:00 PM          
      Court B: 7:15 PM        
    Game 9: Loser Game 3 vs Loser Game 4          
    Court B: 6:30 PM          





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