Play Solo Nights

Play Solo Nights
Play Solo Nights

The PSL is striving to do better at connecting individuals with the opportunity to play with us. Our Solo Nights provide single players and small groups with the chance to play and connect. Events in the past have included indoor and outdoor Kickball games, Whiffle Ball games, Yoga Nights, Men's Flag Football, Super Bowl Flag Football, Spikeball, Spring Training, Soccer and Skwim. We are always looking for new and fun ways to get you playing and plan to offer more opportunities to get active with us!


When choosing what sport to play we often look at our individual registrations and try to play sports that have a high interest in them. They are a mix of all levels and are perfect for the person who just wants to try something new to see if they like it, or the expert who is striving to play as often as possible. The most important thing we will always ask for is for you to have a sportsmanlike attitude and be ready to have fun! We never play with gender rules like you see in some of our league sports; Play Solo will always be open to anyone and everyone who wants to play! 


If you have any ideas for a Play Solo night we should try please email Jaime.




Stay tuned for more events!

  Individual Registrations / Open Gender

Play Solo: PSL Dodgeball Night

More Info
More Info

The PSL is hosting a Play Solo Dodgeball night for new players to learn more about the great game of dodgeball, and for our regular dodgeball players to learn the new enhancements we have for our upcoming fall season!

When: Wednesday September 7th, 7-9 PM

Where: Homewood YMCA

What's in it for new players?: New players will have the opportunity to learn the great game of dodgeball, plus common strategies and tactics seen in this energetic and enticing sport.

What's in it for veteran players?: The opportunity to learn the additional games that the PSL is incorporating into our fall season as a means to keep the game thriving, fun, and unpredictable. It is a great chance to spice up the game, break up static structure, and have our veteran players work to learn new and creative game tactics.

What's in it for potential officials?: The opportunity to learn how to officiate one of the most chaotic and rewarding sports!

Why are you enhancing the dodgeball rules?: Feedback has let us know that it is important to prevent PSL Dodgeball from becoming stagnant with the same tactics being used over and over again. These enhanced rules are designed to bring more life, excitement, fun, and chaos to the sport!

What about the fall dodgeball season?: We are still playing on Wednesdays at the YMCA in Homewood and games will begin on 9/28. Dodgeball registration will open Tuesday August 16th and will remain open until the league sells out, or until 9/16.


7:00 PM




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Fall Registration 

We will continue to add details to our league listings as we confirm details and locations so stay tuned! Registration opens at Noon on the dates listed.

Tuesday July 26th: Cornhole

Monday August 1st: BasketballBowling, Duckpin Bowling

Tuesday August 2nd: Flag FootballPickleball

Wednesday August 3rd: Kickball

Thursday August 4th: Softball

Tuesday August 16th: VolleyballDodgeball

Ongoing: Running Club



We are very excited to share our newly updated PSL Gender Policy for Inclusive Game Play

Any feedback on this policy can be voiced here!


PSL Staff's hours of league correspondence: 

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

*Note these are the hours that PSL staff is usually available for email and/or phone calls. We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible and appreciate your patience. 


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