Play Solo: Singles Indoor Kickball

  • Sport: Kickball
  • Format: Recreational - Any Gender
  • Locations: Kingsley Association
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Started on : Started on Wednesday, February 13
  • Dates: 2.13
  • Times: 7:00 PM

Signup Deadline: Wednesday, February 13

All players will receive a refereed kickball game from 7:00-8:00 pm. Teams will be randomly assigned and all registrations will be individual (you can email if you want to be on the same team as a friend). In Singles Kickball score will be kept by the number of singles that are kicked (not runs). The goal of Singles Kickball is to get to know some new friends and provide a welcoming atmosphere on your team!

Game play will be based on our regular PSL Kickball Rules with a few exceptions:
- We reserve the right to adjust the number of players on the field, depending on participant registration.
- This is any-gender, with no female minimums. We will play fairly with the interested participants who register; the goal is to have a fun and even-sided game.
- There is no sliding.
- The ball may hit the rafters or ceiling - those balls are live!

What we expect from you: We ask all players to sign the waiver and pay a $10 fee to cover facility and referee costs. Please bring a sportsmanlike attitude!

Team Prize: The winning team will receive a small prize!

What you can expect from us: A refereed hour long kickball game, a t-shirt, and a prize for the winning team. All players will also receive a complimentary 20oz Miller Lite or Blue Moon Draft at Social, Bakery Square following the game. Social is a 2 minute drive, or 5 minute walk from the Kingsley Association.

    • Level: Recreational
    • Age: 21 to 100


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