3v3 Basketball Rooftop Elimination Tournament

  • Sport: Basketball
  • Format: 3v3
  • Locations: Town Place Fitness
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Started on : Started on Sunday, July 28
  • Dates: 7.28
  • Times: 5:00 PM, 5:30 PM, 6:00 PM, 6:30 PM, 7:15 PM

We are thrilled to host our first ever Rooftop Basketball Tournament in Downtown Pittsburgh! On Sunday July 28th from 4:00 - 8:00 PM.

Each team is guaranteed at least 2 officiated 20 minute half-court 3v3 games. All teams will also get t-shirts and a prize for champions. Roster maximum is 5 players for the evening. The cost to play is $50 per team.

The facility is located at 100 Forbes Avenue – and is called City Place Fitness (formerly the Golds Gym). When you arrive, come downstairs to the gym. Everyone will need to sign a guest waiver. Then you will be buzzed up the elevator to the rooftop. Please share these directions with your team.

There are two tournament champions - the 1st place and the 5th place teams. The breakdown is as follows.

(A) Team 1 vs Team 2
(B) Team 3 vs Team 4
(C) Team 5 vs Team 6
(D) Team 7 vs Team 8

Winners move onto 1st place bracket and losers move onto 5th place bracket.

Winner (A) vs Winner (B)
Winner (C) vs Winner (D)
*Winners play in 1st Place Championship!

Loser (A) vs Loser (B)
Loser (C) vs Loser (D)
*Winners play in 5th Place Championship!

    • Level: Recreational
    • Age: 18 to 100


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